You’ve Built Your Business, Now What?

You have endured long hours, sweat and in most instances some tears in creating and building your business.  Now what?  Most business owners don’t usually begin thinking of what to do with their business at retirement until the time comes.


For most, however, it’s necessary to think of how you will pass on your business from its inception.  Will you pass the business on to another generation?  Will you sell the business and retire?  What would happen to the business if you became incapacitated?  These are all questions you should have answers to in order to plan for retirement, keep the business thriving when you’re unavailable or to ensure your loved ones are taken care of in the event of death.


At Katie Charleston Law, we provide a holistic approach to estate planning, both for individuals and businesses.  We consider your wishes for your own future, your loved ones’ future as well as the future of the business you have worked so hard to built.  This approach is different than most transaction-based attorneys and law firms, but will ensure that what you want for your business will actually be what happens to the business when the time is right.


If this all sounds great to you, contact us to set up a consultation where we can review your current succession plan and design one that is perfect for you and your business.